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Scoring Code

Availability information

Contact your DataRobot representative for information on enabling the Scoring Code feature.

The Scoring Code feature exports Scoring Code for qualifying Leaderboard models, allowing you to use DataRobot-generated models outside of the platform.

The following sections describe how to work with Scoring Code.

Topic Describes ...
Scoring Code overview Scoring Code, how you download it, and how to score with it.
Download Scoring Code from the Leaderboard Downloading and configuring Scoring Code from the Leaderboard.
Download Scoring Code from a deployment Downloading and configuring Scoring Code from a deployment.
Download time series Scoring Code Downloading and configuring Scoring Code for a time series project.
Scoring at the command line Syntax for scoring with embedded CLI.
Scoring Code usage examples Examples showing how to use the Scoring Code JAR to score from the CLI and in a Java project.
JAR structure The contents of the Scoring Code JAR package.
Generate Java models in an existing project Retraining models that were created before the Scoring Code feature was enabled.
Backward-compatible Java API Using Scoring Code with models created on different versions of DataRobot.
Scoring Code JAR integrations Deploying DataRobot Scoring Code on an external platform.

Updated July 20, 2022
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