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The model log displays the status of successful (green INFO tags) and errored (red ERROR tags) individual tasks that make up a modeling job. To display the model log, click a model on the Leaderboard list, then click Log.


If you receive text-based insight model errors, see this note for a description of how DataRobot handles single-character "words."

The following example shows a simple (and fast) blueprint consisting of two tasks being trained—Missing Values Imputation and Decision Tree:

The first part of the log shows the initial training:

[07-28-2023 10:34:01] 'Missing Values Imputed': fitting and executing.
[07-28-2023 10:34:01] 'Missing Values Imputed': completed fitting and executing.
[07-28-2023 10:34:01] 'Decision Tree Regressor': fitting.
[07-28-2023 10:34:02] 'Decision Tree Regressor': completed fitting.

The second part shows the calculation of validation metrics and insights:

[07-28-2023 10:34:02] 'Missing Values Imputed': executing.
[07-28-2023 10:34:02] 'Missing Values Imputed': completed executing.
[07-28-2023 10:34:02] 'Decision Tree Regressor': executing.
[07-28-2023 10:34:02] 'Decision Tree Regressor': completed executing.

In the image above, you can see that the last two tasks were executed for holdout as well.

Updated August 23, 2023