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Click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Use applications

On the Applications tab, click Open next to the application you want to launch—from here you can test different application configurations before sharing it with users.


End-users must sign in with a DataRobot account or access the application via a link that can be shared with users outside of DataRobot.

These sections describe the actions available when using No-Code AI Apps:

Topic Describes...
Make predictions Make single record or batch predictions.
Analyze prediction results Analyze prediction information and insights for individual predictions.

UI overview

  Element Description
Application name Displays the application name. Click to return to the app's Home page.
Pages Navigates between application pages.
Build Allows you to edit the application.
Share Shares the application with users, groups, or organizations within DataRobot.
Add new row Opens the Create Prediction page, where you can make single record predictions.
Add Data Uploads batch predictions—from the AI Catalog or a local file.
All rows Displays a history of predictions. Select a row to view prediction results for that entry.

Updated January 27, 2023
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