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Manage assets

In the AI Catalog, there are a number of ways you can interact with data assets, including downloading, sharing, and deleting datasets.


To download a dataset, select it from the catalog list. From the dropdown menu in the upper right, select Download Dataset () and in the resulting dialog, browse to a download location and click Save.


In most cases, only snapshotted datasets can be downloaded. Additionally, there is a 10GB file size limit; attempting to download a dataset larger than 10GB will fail.


Assets in the AI Catalog can be shared to users, groups, and organizations.

Element Description
1 Allow sharing The user you're sharing with can share the asset with other users.
2 Can use data The user you're sharing with can an use the data. How they use the data depends on their role.
3 User list Enter the user(s) with whom you are sharing the asset.
4 Access level Select from Users, by default. If your instance has Groups and Organizations configured, you can select from these categories.
5 Role Select a role for the users, groups, or organizations that are sharing the asset:
  • Owner: Can view, edit, and administer the asset.
  • Consumer: Can view the asset.
  • Editor: Can view and edit the asset.
6 Share Select Share to perform the operation.
7 Shared with Shows the users, groups, and organizations that asset is shared with, along with their permission settings.

Sharing with multiple users

When sharing a catalog asset with multiple users, DataRobot suggests creating a user group first, and then sharing with that group instead of individual users.

The catalog uses the same sharing window as other places in the application, with some fields specific to the data assets.


To delete a dataset, select the dataset from the catalog list. From the dropdown menu in the upper right, select Delete Dataset (). When prompted for confirmation, click Delete.

Perform bulk actions

You can share, tag, or delete multiple datasets at once using the bulk action functionality in the AI Catalog. Start by selecting the box next to the asset(s) you want to manage; select at least one asset to enable the bulk actions at the top. A counter also displays how many assets are actively selected.

Once you're done selecting assets, choose the appropriate action from the following options: Delete, Tag, or Share.

Updated February 15, 2024