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Scoring Code JAR integrations

Availability information

Contact your DataRobot representative for information on enabling the Scoring Code feature.

Although DataRobot provides its own scalable prediction servers that are fully integrated with other platforms, there are several reasons you may decide to deploy Scoring Code on another platform:

  • Company policy or governance decision.
  • Custom functionality on top of the DataRobot model.
  • Low-latency scoring without the API call overhead.
  • The ability to integrate models into systems that cannot communicate with the DataRobot API.

To use the Scoring Code, download the JAR from the Leaderboard or from a deployment and import it to the platform of your choice, as described in the following topics.

Topic Description
Use Scoring Code with Amazon SageMaker Importing DataRobot Scoring Code models to SageMaker.
Use Scoring Code with AWS Lambda Making predictions using Scoring Code deployed on AWS Lambda.
Use Scoring Code with Azure ML Importing DataRobot Scoring Code models to Azure ML.
Android Scoring Code integration Using DataRobot Scoring Code on Android.
Apache Spark API for Scoring Code Using the Spark API to integrate DataRobot Scoring Code JARs into Spark clusters.
Generate Snowflake UDF Scoring Code Using the DataRobot Scoring Code JAR as a user-defined function (UDF) on Snowflake.

Updated June 24, 2024