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Microsoft Azure

Supported authentication

  • Azure SQL Server/Synapse username/password
  • Active Directory username/password


The following is required before connecting to Azure in DataRobot:

  • Azure SQL account

Required parameters

The table below lists the minimum required fields to establish a connection with Azure:

Required field Description Documentation
address The connection URL that supplies connection information for Azure. Microsoft documentation

Learn about additional configuration options for Azure.


Problem Solution Instructions
When attempting to execute an operation in DataRobot, the firewall requests that you clear the IP address each time. Add all allowed IPs for DataRobot. See Allowed source IP addresses. If you've already added the allowed IPs, check the existing IPs for completeness.
DataRobot returns the following error message when attempting to authenticate Azure credentials:

Failed to authenticate. Check that this client has been granted access to your storage account and that your credentials are correct. Note that username/password authentication only works with organizational accounts. It will not work with personal accounts.
Check the user account type and make sure the user or group to which the user belongs is granted access via the asset's Access Control List (ACL). The user account must be in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)—Service Principal is not supported.

If the user has an Azure AD account, grant them access to the asset via its ACL.

Updated February 1, 2024