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Download Scoring Code

You can download the monitoring agent packaged with Scoring Code directly from a deployment.


Note that the deployed model must be trained with Scoring Code enabled in order to access the package. Additionally, this package is only compatible with models running at the command line. The package does not support models running on the Portable Prediction Server.

After deploying your Scoring Code model, Select Get Scoring Code from the Actions menu to download the Scoring Code JAR file.

In addition to Scoring Code, you can now download a monitoring agent package preconfigured for the deployment. This allows you to quickly integrate the monitoring agent and report model monitoring statistics back to DataRobot. Reference the quickstart guide in the agent tarball for instruction on the initial setup after downloading the package.

If you do not wish to integrate the monitoring agent, instead download just the Scoring Code, available in Source and Binary formats.

Updated September 7, 2022