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View and manage jobs

After you assemble one or more jobs, you can view basic custom jobs information. If you've run one or more of those jobs, you can also view detailed run information as well as perform management actions such as job and run log deletion. In the Registry, on the Jobs tab, view the Name, Created, and Updated information, as well as the Last run date for all custom jobs. Click Search and enter the custom job name to locate a specific job in the list.

When you locate the custom job to review, click that custom job's row in the table to open it. When open, you can access the following tabs from the custom job panel:

Tab Description
Assemble Assemble the required execution environment and files for a job, define an entry point file, and configure runtime parameters.
Runs Run or schedule the custom jobs you assemble.
Overview View information about the custom job.


You can click Close in the upper-left corner of the custom panel at any time to return to the expanded Model workshop table.

View custom job info

The Overview tab displays the job's Job ID and the Created and Updated dates. You can also click the edit icon () to update the name and description of the custom job:

Manage a custom job

If the custom job panel is closed, click the Actions menu located in the last column for each custom job. If the custom job panel is open, click the Actions menu located in the upper-right corner of the page:

Option Action
Delete To delete a custom job and all of its contents, click this option, then, in the Delete Custom Job dialog box, click Delete again.
Share To share a custom job and all of its contents, click this option, then, in the Share dialog box, enter a user into the Share with field, select a role, and click Share.

Updated June 4, 2024