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On-premise users: click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Manage predictions environments

On the Prediction environments page, you can view the Name, Platform, Added On date, Created By date, and Health of your prediction environments. In addition to viewing your organization's DataRobot prediction environments and creating new external environments, you can edit, delete, or share external prediction environments. You can also deploy models to prediction environments.

View or edit prediction environment details

To view or edit the prediction environment details set when you created the environment and assign a Service Account, on the Prediction environments click the row containing the prediction environment you have permission to edit and configure any of the following:

Copy prediction environment ID

From the upper-left corner of either tab in a prediction environment, you can click the copy icon to copy the Prediction Environment ID.

Field Description
Name Update the external prediction environment name you set when creating the environment.
Description Update the external prediction environment description or add one if you haven't already.
Platform Update the external platform you selected when creating the external prediction environment.
Supported model formats Select one or more formats to control which models can be deployed to the prediction environment, either manually or using the management agent.
Service Account Select the account that should have access to each deployment within this prediction environment. Only owners of the current prediction environment are available in the list of service accounts.
Usages View any deployments associated with a prediction environment, open any deployments you have access to, and deploy models to the environment.

Service account

DataRobot recommends using an administrative service account as the account holder (an account that has access to each deployment that uses the configured prediction environment).

View or edit prediction environment monitoring settings

Availability information

The monitoring agent in DataRobot is a preview feature, on by default.

Feature flags: Disable the Monitoring Agent in DataRobot

When you add a prediction environment with monitoring settings configured, you can view the health and status of that prediction environment, edit the queue settings, and stop or start the agent. If you haven't configured the monitoring settings, you can configure them after creating an environment. From the Monitoring tab, you can edit the Monitoring settings to create or modify the connection between the monitoring agent and the spooler. The agent Status must be inactive to edit these settings. From the Monitoring Agent section, you can view agent status information, enable or disable the agent, view prediction records, and view or download logs:

Manage a prediction environment

From the Prediction environments page, the sharing capability allows appropriate user roles to grant permissions for prediction environments to others. In addition, you can delete prediction environments with the appropriate permissions.

Action Description
Opens the sharing window, which lists each associated user and their role. To remove a user, click the remove button to the right of their role. To re-assign a user's role, click on the assigned role and assign a new one from the dropdown. To add a new user, enter their username in the Share with field, choose their role from the dropdown, and then click Share. This action initiates an email notification.
Opens the Delete dialog box:
  • If the prediction environment isn't associated with a deployment, click Yes.
  • If the prediction environment is associated with one or more deployments, click each of the deployments listed to access and remove those deployments. Once the prediction environment is no longer associated with a deployment, you can delete the environment.

Updated May 16, 2024