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GenAI playground (video)

The playground is a Use Case asset, a space for creating and interacting with LLM blueprints, comparing the response of each to determine which to use in production to solve a business problem. This video demonstrates how to use the playground to compare multiple LLM blueprints side-by-side. Use the sample data provided to create your own vector databases. Then combine those vector databases with prompting strategies and LLM selections to create a complete Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) solution. All LLM experimentation is organized and governed inside DataRobot.

Demo data

The ZIP files below contain movie plot summaries for a random assortment of American, Japanese, and Indian movies from 1915 to 2017. This dataset is adapted from Kaggle's "Wikipedia Movie Plots" dataset. There are roughly 600 small text files inside each ZIP folder.

Download dramas Download random Download romances Download comedies

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Updated April 1, 2024