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Data wrangling (video)

DataRobot's wrangling capabilities provide a seamless, scalable, and secure way to access and transform data for modeling. In Workbench, "wrangle" is a visual interface for executing data cleaning at the source, leveraging the compute environment and distributed architecture of your data source.

Why wrangle data in DataRobot?

  • It's fully integrated in Workbench—find the right datasets, apply transformations, and in realtime, see the effects of those transformations on your dataset in one place.
  • It's pushed down—leverage the scale of your cloud data warehouse or lake.
  • It's secure—limiting data movement means faster results, better performance, and enhanced security.

Data wrangling with push down

Prepare high-quality machine learning data while leveraging the scale and governance of your data warehouse. Visually develop data transformation recipes on a live sample of your data. Publish completed recipes to materialize new datasets. Limit data movement and wrangle faster with DataRobot.

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Updated April 1, 2024