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Video tutorials

DataRobot experts are producing a variety of video walkthroughs to help you analyze data, create and deploy models, and leverage code-first accelerators and notebooks. From the table below, you can access video walkthroughs for a variety of topics. See the full library on DataRobot's YouTube channel.

Section Purpose
Capabilities overview Watch a high-speed tour of the many project types supported by DataRobot.
Data connections Set up connections with AWS S3, BigQuery, Azure SQL, SAP, Snowflake, and Databricks in either the UI or the API.
Data wrangling Learn to use DataRobot's wrangling capabilities, providing a seamless, scalable, and secure way to access and transform data for modeling.
Editing blueprints Learn how to edit DataRobot blueprints (the machine learning pipeline) to create custom experiments.
DataRobot Notebooks Create, configure, and execute DataRobot Notebooks.
GenAI playground Learn to compare LLM blueprints side-by-side and create a vector database.
Time series Complete your first time series project, from end-to-end, in DataRobot.
Models in production Explore DataRobot's central hub for deploying, monitoring, managing, and governing models in production.

Updated April 4, 2024