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Time series videos

Learn the essentials required to complete your first time series project in DataRobot. Each video shows how to accomplish the necessary tasks using the DataRobot interface and the Python API in a DataRobot Notebook. Follow along in each tutorial by first downloading the sample dataset:

Download Dataset

See the full library on DataRobot's YouTube channel.

Section Learn
Data structures About the data structures used with time series modeling functionality in DataRobot.
Project settings How to configure initial project settings and modifying default configurations to suit your experimentation needs.
Feature engineering To interpret and use DataRobot time series automation outputs, specifically features, feature lists, and Leaderboard models.
Model insights To interpret the performance of a DataRobot time series model and understand what patterns it has identified in your data.
Model deployment To select a Leaderboard model and deploy it to a DataRobot Prediction Server.
Time series predictions How to use a production time series model for predictions.

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Updated April 1, 2024