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DataRobot Notebooks (video)

DataRobot Notebooks are a fully-managed, hosted offering with scalable compute resources. The notebook solution is embedded within the enterprise AI platform to drive productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across data science teams. They are ideal for code first users working in teams because they offer centralized organization, governance and sharing of notebooks. DataRobot Notebooks also have multiple built-in productivity enhancers including the generative Code Assistant built directly into the notebook cells.

Notebooks overview

Notebooks offer an in-browser editor to create and execute code for data science analysis and modeling. This video provides a tour of the DataRobot Notebooks interface, and outlines how you can create, configure, and execute them. It details a number of useful features such as the Code Assistant built directly into notebook cells, the DataRobot X Python package, and the notebook scheduler.

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Updated February 23, 2024