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REST API changelog

Reference the changes introduced to new versions of DataRobot's REST API.

DataRobot REST API v2.33

New features

  • Added endpoint to train individual incremental learning model from data stage POST /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/incrementalLearningModels/fromModel/. To use it, enable the feature flag Incremental Learning.
  • Added a paginated endpoint to retrieve models GET /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/modelRecords/. This new endpoint replaces GET /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/models/.
  • Two fields in autopilot options related to the incremental learning:
    • to start a project in IncrementalLearning-only mode, set incrementalLearningOnlyMode parameter to true in PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/.
    • to automatically train best model using incremental learning start a project with incrementalLearningOnBestModel parameter to true in PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/.
  • The new optional parameter chunkDefinitionId for projects with chunking_service are added to: PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/. To use these fields enable the feature flags Incremental Learning and Data Chunking Service.
  • The new optional parameter incrementalLearningEarlyStoppingRounds for projects with auto incremental learning option is added to PATCH /api/v2/projects/(projectId)/aim/. It is used in automated incremental learning to stop training.
  • Added new routes for retrieving and updating Challenger Replay Settings:
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/challengerReplaySettings/
    • PATCH /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/challengerReplaySettings/
  • Added new routes for retrieving and updating deployment health settings:
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/healthSettings/
    • PATCH /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/healthSettings/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/healthSettings/defaults/
  • Added many routes to support the new batch-based monitoring feature:

    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/
    • POST /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/
    • PATCH /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/
    • DELETE /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatchLimits/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/models/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/models/(modelId)/
    • PATCH /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/monitoringBatches/(monitoringBatchId)/models/(modelId)/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/batchServiceStats/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/serviceStatsOverBatch/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/featureDriftOverBatch/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/predictionsOverBatch/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/predictionsVsActualsOverBatch/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/accuracyOverBatch/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/customMetricsBatchSummary/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/customMetrics/(customMetricId)/batchSummary/
    • GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/customMetrics/(customMetricId)/valuesOverBatch/
  • Added a new route to retrieve the list of all references (resources) linked to Use Cases:

    • GET /api/v2/useCases/allResources/
  • Added support for orderBy and searchFor to two routes and corrected incorrect validator for the same routes that had made it incorrectly appear that includePlot and featurelistId were supported when they were not and corrected the allowed values for orderBy to have allowed values that make sense for the routes. Incorrect values that were previously allowed and ignored will not generate proper 422 error message. The routes modified are:

    • GET /api/v2/datasets/(datasetId)/featurelists/
    • GET /api/v2/datasets/(datasetId)/versions/(datasetVersionId)/featurelists/
  • Added routes to support data wrangling recipes:

    • GET /api/v2/recipes/
    • GET /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/
    • PATCH /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/
    • GET /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/preview/
    • POST /api/v2/recipes/fromDataStore/
    • POST /api/v2/recipes/fromDataset/
    • POST /api/v2/recipes/fromRecipe/
    • POST /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/preview/
    • GET /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/inputs/
    • POST /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/sql/
    • GET /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/operations/(operationIndex)/
    • PUT /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/downsampling/
    • PATCH /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/settings/
    • GET /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/insights/
    • DELETE /api/v2/recipes/(recipeId)/
    • POST /api/v2/datasets/fromRecipe/


  • Several fields in GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/accuracyOverTime/ are deprecated and will be removed in version 2.35:
  • Use modelId in each baseline or bucket object, instead of modelId at root level
  • Use GET /api/v2/deployments/(deploymentId)/accuracy/ instead of summary object.

    • For multiclass deployments, use perClass instead of valuePerClass
  • Customer Perma-Delete (CPD) API endpoints are deprecated and will be removed in version 2.35:

    • POST /api/v2/deletedOrganizations/(organizationId)/
    • DELETE /api/v2/deletedOrganizations/(organizationId)/
    • GET /api/v2/deletedOrganizations/(organizationId)/
    • GET /api/v2/deletedOrganizations/
    • POST /api/v2/deletedOrganizations/

Updated May 2, 2024