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Use DataRobot generative AI with Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams offers workspace chat and video conferencing, file storage, and application integration to organizations. Workspace chat feature allows you to interact with other users and bots in their day-to-day activities. This feature is useful for deploying Generative AI agents to improve employee productivity. With DataRobot's Generative AI offerings, organizations can deploy chatbots without the need for an additional front-end or consumption layers.

How it works

Most messenger/communication apps support bots. A bot is a program that interacts with the users of the messenger application by ingesting the user message and providing responses. Bot can be static or dynamic depending on the logic encoded. A bot in most cases is a service exposing Rest Endpoints which receive user text and respond back with text. Instead of developers starting from scratch, Microsoft provides an SDK which can be used as building blocks or boilerplate. This SDK supports different languages including python. The code demonstrated here uses this code as boilerplate.

Updated May 2, 2024