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Introduction to DataRobotX

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DataRobotX (DRX) is a collection of DataRobot extensions designed to enhance your data science experience. It has clean, scikit-learn-like syntax that makes training models, deploying models, and getting predictions from models easy. It supports any project type including multiclass, time series, multilabel, clustering, and anomaly detection.

Project goals

DRX intends to explore and prototype a programmatic DataRobot experience that is:

  • Declarative and simple by default
  • Streamlines common workflows
  • Uses broadly familiar syntax and verbiage where possible
  • Unobtrusively customizable
  • Allows default behaviors and configuration to be easily overridden but not at the expense of complicating the common experience
  • Accelerates user experimentation
  • Offers new abstractions and concepts for interacting with DataRobot

Updated May 20, 2024