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On-premise users: click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

API user guide

The API user guide includes overviews, Jupyter notebooks, and task-based tutorials that help you find complete examples of common data science and machine learning workflows. Be sure to review the API quickstart guide before using the notebooks below.

Topic Describes...
Common use cases Review Jupyter notebooks that outline common use cases and machine learning workflows using DataRobot's Python client.
Public preview: R client v2.29 Review the changes introduced to DataRobot's R client with version 2.29.
Python code examples Python code examples for common data science workflows.
R code examples code examples that outline common data science workflows.
REST API code examples REST API code examples that outline common data science workflows.

In addition to the examples listed above, DataRobot hosts community-driven notebooks accessible from the following locations:

Resource Description
Examples for data scientists (Github repository) Referential Jupyter notebooks that outline common DataRobot functions.
Tutorials for data scientists (Github repository) Jupyter notebooks that detail applicable use cases for DataRobot.
R vignettes included in the R client Long-form tutorials outlining functions in the DataRobot R package.
Jupyter notebooks included in the Python client Example Jupyter notebooks demonstrating sample use cases and DataRobot functions using the DataRobot Python package.

Updated October 11, 2023