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DataRobot Blueprint Workshop

The Blueprint Workshop is built to ensure that constructing and modifying DataRobot blueprints through a programmatic interface is idiomatic, convenient, and powerful. Browse the topics detailed in the table below to get started with the Blueprint Workshop.

Some examples in this documentation reference methods from DataRobot's Python Client.

Topic Description
Blueprint Workshop setup The first-time setup necessary for using the Blueprint Workshop.
Blueprint Workshop overview An overview of the workshop's functionality.
Pass features into a task How to pass one or more specific features to another task.
Blueprint Workshop API reference A complete overview of the Blueprint Workshop API.

In addition to the documentation that instructs you on how to use the Blueprint Workshop, DataRobot provides code examples to demonstrate common usage.

Topic Description
Workshop walkthrough notebook An example workflow of basic Blueprint Workshop functionality.
Advanced feature selection notebook How to reference specific columns in a project’s dataset as an input to a task.
Custom task notebook How to create a blueprint with a pre-existing custom task.

Updated June 24, 2024