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Predict flight delays starter use case

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This accelerator aims to assist DataRobot trial users by providing a guided walkthough of the trial experience. DataRobot suggests that you complete the Flight Delays sample use case in the graphical user interface first, and then return to this accelerator.

In this notebook, you will:

  • Create a Use Case.
  • Import data from an S3 bucket (this differs from the UI walkthrough).
  • Perform a data wrangling operation to create the target feature with code (this also differs from the UI walkthrough).
  • Register the wrangled data set.
  • Explore the new data set.
  • Create an experiment and allow DataRobot automation to populate it with many modeling pipelines.
  • Explore model insights for the best performing model.
  • View the modeling pipeline for the best performing model.
  • Register a model in the Registry.
  • Configure a deployment.
  • Create a deployment.
  • Make predictions using the deployment.
  • Review deployment metrics.

Updated November 9, 2023