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On-premise users: click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Account and project management

The information in this section provides information to help manage your DataRobot account using the management toolbar—the navigation elements in the upper right—to access many account and project management tools.

  Option Description
1 Manage projects Opens the page for starting a new project and provides a link to your existing project repository.
2 Resources Provides access to DataRobot UI and API documentation, Enterprise Support, and the DataRobot Community. Additionally, it allows you to send suggestions and issues to DataRobot.
3 Notifications Opens a modal that lists notifications sent from the DataRobot platform.
4 Account settings Provides access to profile information, two-factor authentication and other settings, data sources, and your membership assignments.
5 Value Tracker Specify what you expect to accomplish by using DataRobot, and share.
6 Pricing Learn which DataRobot features are accessible to each pricing plan.

Updated February 15, 2024