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Click in-app to access the full platform documentation for your version of DataRobot.

Manage account settings

To access profile information, two-factor authentication, developer tools, data sources, and membership assignments, click your profile icon (or the default avatar ) in the upper-right corner of DataRobot.


The options available in the dropdown are dependent on your DataRobot permissions.

The following table summarizes the options:

Topic Describes...
Account Update your account information and avatar.
Security Change your password and configure two-factor authentication.
System Update your display language, color theme, and CSV export settings.
Notifications Mute email notifications and update Autopilot completion notifications.
Developer tools
API keys Access and manage your API keys.
MLOps agent tarball Download the MLOps agent tarball.
Portable Prediction Server Download the Portable Prediction Server Docker image.
Data Connections
Data Connections Add, delete, modify, and test data connections.
Credentials Management
Credentials Management Add and manage securely stored credentials to reuse when accessing secure data sources.
Membership View the organizations and groups you belong to and join groups.
Admin only
Settings Enable and disable product features and permissions. (Requires "Can manage own settings" permission.)
User Activity Monitor Access and analyze usage data and prediction statistics.
Maintenance Notifications Integrate flexible and centralized notifications into an organization's processes around change and incident management.
Groups Create and delete groups, and configure organization membership.
Users Create and delete users, and configure their permissions. (Requires "Can manage users" permission.)

Updated December 23, 2022
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