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Administrator's guide

The DataRobot Administrator's Guide is intended to help administrators manage their DataRobot application.

Before starting to set up your users and monitoring tools, you may want to review the overview for a description of a typical admin workflow as well as important concepts for managing users in a DataRobot.

You will work with some or all of the actions described in the following sections:

Topic Describes...
Workflow overview Preview the workflow and learn about important admin concepts.
Manage user accounts Learn about setting permissions, RBAC, passwords, and user activity.
Manage groups Create, assign, and mange group memberships.
Monitor activity Monitor user and system activity.
Approval policies for deployments Configure approval policies for governance and control.
Feature settings View and change feature settings.
Notification service Integrate centralized notifications for change and incident management.
SSO Configure DataRobot and an external Identity Provider (IdP) for user authentication via single sign-on (SSO).
Role-based access control (RBAC) Assign roles with designated privileges.
User Activity Monitor (UAM) View Admin, App, and Prediction usage reports, as well as system information.

Updated February 24, 2023
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