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Version 7.3.5

February 18, 2022

The DataRobot v7.3.5 release includes some fixed issues in the DataRobot Self-Managed AI Platform platform. See the v7.3.0 release notes for:

Updated language localization

Localization of the documentation has been updated to include Japanese content for all new 7.3 features.

To change languages, open your user settings and select a language for your session. The selection remains until you reset it.

Issues fixed in v7.3.5

The following issues have been fixed since Enterprise release v7.3.4:

Feature Discovery

  • SAFER-4717: Fixes an issue causing an OOM error for batch prediction jobs in Feature Discovery projects with Snowflake secondary datasets configured.


  • PRED-7092: Fixes an issue with duplicated headers in output prediction files from AI Catalog intake.
  • PRED-7028: BigQuery output adapter in batch predictions now uses the existing table schema in case of insert.

Time series

  • TIME-10099: Fixes an issue with weights and early stopping in multiclass projects. Only LightGBM- and GBM-based models were affected.

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Updated July 20, 2023