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June 6, 2023

The DataRobot v9.0.1 release includes some fixed issues in the DataRobot Self-Managed AI Platform. See the v9.0.0 release notes for:

Issues fixed in v9.0.1

The following issues have been fixed since release v9.0.0:

Data management

  • DM-5189: Supporting listing tables for Athena.
  • DM-9894: Remove the Method not supported error when using treasure data JDBC driver.


  • CODEGEN-1670: Fixes an issue when detecting CSV line separators if the separator is \r\n.
  • PRED-8594: Fixes an issue when setting the columnNamesRemapping property for a batch prediction job definition through a PATCH request.


  • AGENT-4155: Fixes an issue with force deletion of deployments in a Snowflake prediction environment.
  • AGENT-4288: Updates the code snippet shown in external model deployments to not import a deprecated MLOps class (OutputType).
  • AGENT-4253: Fixes an issue that prevented deployments created in the "default prediction environment" for enterprise installs from being listed in the prediction environment view.
  • MMM-12255: Adds project and model information to User Activity Monitor entries for Deployment Added events
  • MMM-12467: Fixes the histogram order for targets in external binary classification deployments created with holdout predictions.
  • MMM-12742: Manually marks triggered retraining policy run as failed when encountering a credential error.
  • MMM-12898: Fixes the target histogram for external deployments built inside DataRobot.
  • MMM-13255: Fixes the calculation of "Accuracy" and "Balanced accuracy" metrics on the Model Management Accuracy tab for models with thresholds other than 0.5.
  • MMM-12449: Fixes an issue when enabling feature drift for unsupervised model deployments.

Time series

  • TIME-12787: Fixes partitioning set up for Segmentation to Clustering flow.
  • TIME-12821: Removes misleading validation that restricted the insight computation to a max of 1000 forecast distance in absolute numbers.
  • TIME-13090: Fixes the backtesting section of the Advanced options for OTV projects that have datasets larger than the time series limit.
  • TIME-13098: Fixes an issue affecting holdout durations edition.

Trust and Explainability

  • TREX-3144: Fixes an issue when uploading a pairwise interactions CSV file in Advanced options > Feature Constraints.

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Updated October 18, 2023