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Version 8.0.2

April 30, 2022

The DataRobot v8.0.2 release includes some fixed issues in the DataRobot Self-Managed AI Platform. See the v8.0.0 release notes for:

Issues fixed in v8.0.2

The following issues have been fixed since Enterprise release v8.0.1:


  • DM-5972: List schemas for BigQuery JDBC data connections now only return items from the current catalog asset or project. This fix also speeds up list tables by restricting to the current project if the schema is specified but the catalog asset is not.
  • PLT-6559: Enhanced global SAML SSO management now generally available for 8.0.x.


  • MMM-9371: Fixes an issue that prevented enabling the "Enable ability to reset deployment statistics" feature flag for Self-Managed AI Platform installations.
  • RAPTOR-7475: The UID and GID for Custom Inference model containers are now configurable (LONG_RUNNING_SERVICES_SECURITY_CONTEXT_USER_ID, LONG_RUNNING_SERVICES_SECURITY_CONTEXT_GROUP_ID) and no longer fixed to 1000.
  • RAPTOR-7478: Fixes an issue with date column handling in Compliance Docs for Custom Inference Models. Date columns will are now excluded from Feature Fit and Feature Effects.

Time series

  • TIME-10937: Fixes an issue preventing users from creating a time series anomaly detection project with datasets larger than 800 MB via the UI.

Visual AI

  • VIZAI-3312: Fixes an issue with CSV and PNG exports for external datasets confusion charts.

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