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Version 7.0.3

December 21, 2021

The DataRobot v7.0.3 release includes some fixed issues in the DataRobot Self-Managed AI Platform platform. See the v7.0.0 release notes for:

Issues fixed in v7.0.3

The following issues have been fixed since Enterprise release v7.0.2:


  • EP-1062: Fixes a Python 3 incompatibility in the Boto library issue when connecting to AWS Cloudwatch behind an HTTPS proxy.
  • EP-1345: Fixes an issue that caused a KeyError during DB migration.
  • EP-2133: Updates Scoring Code build plugins to avoid the inclusion of vulnerable log4j versions.


  • PLT-3709: Prevents the ENABLE_DATA_ENGINE_ON_K8S feature flag from appearing under Developer UI feature flags for on-prem.
  • PLT-3812: Fixes an issue where delegation would not turn off.

Custom Models

  • RAPTOR-5240: Fixes an issue where custom model dependency management failed to parse Python package names containing a period (.).
  • RAPTOR-5955: Fixes an issue in the Custom Model Workshop that created a new minor version with empty model content when changing the base environment. Now it properly retains the content of a previous version.
  • RAPTOR-6069: Fixes an issue causing the custom models GitHub integration to fail with a SSL handshake error on verification of self-signed certificates.

Trust & Explainability

  • TED-2688: Fixes issue where the Bias vs Accuracy page would not load when using a fairness metric that's independent of the model's prediction threshold.
  • XAI-4106: Fixes the format of the shapBaseValue field in v2 Predictions Public API response to be a scalar float value which corresponds with other APIs and documentation.
  • XAI-4238: Fixes an issue when loading certain models with SHAP explainers that were built in DataRobot version 5.2.2, which failed to load after upgrading to version 6.3.

Time Series

  • TIME-8745: COMPUTE_TIMESERIES_AOT_THRESHOLD can now be configured from an environment.

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Updated July 20, 2023