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アプリケーション内で をクリックすると、お使いのDataRobotバージョンに関する全プラットフォームドキュメントにアクセスできます。

R code examples

The API user guide includes overviews and workflows for DataRobot's R client that outline complete examples of common data science and machine learning workflows. Be sure to review the API quickstart guide before using the notebooks below.

Topic Describes...
Modeling workflow overview How to use DataRobot's R client to train and experiment with models.
Advanced feature selection with R How to select features by creating aggregated feature impact.
Prediction Explanation clustering with R The analysis and identification of the clusters present in a DataRobot model's Prediction Explanations using the DataRobot R client.
Access blueprints with R How to access blueprints from either the Leaderboard or the Repository.

更新しました October 13, 2023