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アプリケーション内で をクリックすると、お使いのDataRobotバージョンに関する全プラットフォームドキュメントにアクセスできます。

Notebook settings

Select the settings wheel to configure notebook settings.

These settings allow you to control the display of:

  • Line numbers in code blocks.
  • Cell titles and outputs.
  • Cell output scrolling.

Select the actions menu to access additional notebook actions:

  • Download the notebook as an .ipynb file.
  • ノートブックを複製
  • ノートブックの削除 Note that deleting a notebook will also delete its associated assets, such as the notebook's environment variables and any revision history.

Notebook metadata

Click the info icon to edit the notebook's metadata:

  • Tags: (Optional) Enter one or more descriptive tags that you can use to filter notebooks when viewing them in the dashboard.

  • Description: (Optional) Enter a description of the notebook.

更新しました April 19, 2023
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