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アプリケーション内で をクリックすると、お使いのDataRobotバージョンに関する全プラットフォームドキュメントにアクセスできます。


By uploading a local file via the Add data modal, you are both adding the dataset to your Use Case and registering it in the Data Registry. This method of adding data is a good approach if your dataset is already ready for modeling.

Before uploading a file, review DataRobot's dataset requirements for accepted file formats and size guidelines. See the associated considerations for important additional information.

To upload a local file:

  1. In the Add data modal, click Upload.

  2. Locate and select your dataset in the file explorer. 次に開くをクリックします。

    Supported file types

    Workbench supports the following file types for upload: .csv, .tsv, .dsv, .xls, .xlsx, .sas7bdat, .geojson, .gz, .bz2, .tar, .tgz, .zip.

  3. DataRobot opens the Datasets tab, where you can monitor the progress of the dataset as it's registering in the Data Registry.

    When registration is complete, DataRobot displays the source, row count, feature count, and size.




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更新しました April 19, 2023
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