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This section provides preliminary documentation for features currently in the DataRobot public preview pipeline. They have been tested within the engineering and quality environments and are available for preview by a limited number of users. If not enabled for your organization, the feature is not visible. Note that functionality or documentation specifics are subject to change.



パブリックプレビュー 内容...
Forecast details page for time series Predictor apps View forecast details, including the average prediction values and top five Prediction Explanations for a selected date, as well as segmented analysis for each forecast distance within the forecast window.
時系列モデルパッケージの予測間隔 Export time series models with prediction intervals in model package (.mlpkg) format.
Batch predictions for TTS and LSTM models Make batch predictions for Traditional Time Series (TTS) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) models.

更新しました January 11, 2023
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