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アプリケーション内で をクリックすると、お使いのDataRobotバージョンに関する全プラットフォームドキュメントにアクセスできます。

title: Create a chat generation Q&A application description: Create a custom chat generation Q&A application in DataRobot to prototype, explore, and showcase the results of LLM models you've built. section_name: NextGen


Create a chat generation Q&A application


The chat generation Q&A application is a premium GenAI feature. To enable, contact your DataRobot representative.

DataRobotでチャット生成のQ&Aアプリケーションを作成し、ナレッジベースのQ&Aユースケースを探索しながら、生成AIを活用してビジネス上の意思決定を繰り返し行い、ビジネス価値を示すことができます。 Q&Aアプリは、構築したLLMモデルの結果をプロトタイプ化、調査、および共有するための直感的で応答性に優れた方法を提供します。 The Q&A app powers generative AI conversations backed by citations and allows you to provide feedback on responses. さらに、DataRobot以外のユーザーとアプリを共有して、使いやすさを広めることもできます。

Prepare a text generation deployment

To build a chat generation Q&A application, you must first prepare and configure a deployment. You need to create a deployment with a text generation target type.


When you deploy an LLM for a Q&A app, ensure that you add the playground LLM to the Model workshop after enabling the Q&A app feature to provide citations for responses in the app.

Once you have created the deployment, you have the option to configure an external custom metric to collect feedback for the Q&A app's responses:

  1. コンソール > デプロイページからデプロイにアクセスします。 Select the deployment and navigate to the Monitoring > Custom metrics tab.

  2. Click Add new custom metric and select Add an external custom metric from the dropdown.

  3. Configure the feedback metric as displayed in the screenshot below. When you have finished configuration, click Add custom metric.

  4. Additionally, set up an association ID for the deployment in order to store submitted feedback (via the custom metric) with the associated prompt and response data. Without an association ID, the feedback custom metric is only able to store responses aggregated by time values.

  5. After configuring the deployment with the appropriate custom metrics, note the deployment ID and custom metric ID. They are be used to build the chat generation Q&A application. To locate the custom metric ID, select the Actions menu on the configured custom metric in the deployment and click Edit. The dialog box lists the metric ID.


To build a chat generation Q&A app, use the following steps:

  1. In the Registry, navigate to the Applications page and click Add > Create Chat generation Q&A template.

  2. Select the text generation deployment configured previously, and provide the custom metric ID for the feedback metric.

  3. デプロイとカスタム指標IDを指定したら、アプリを作成をクリックします。 The application is added to the All applications list with the Initializing status. 構築されたら、開くをクリックしてアプリケーションを表示および使用できます。


    アプリケーションタブでカスタムアプリケーションの横にあるアクションメニュー をクリックすると、アプリケーションの共有削除ができます。

Use the chat generation Q&A application

To begin using the chat generation Q&A application, go to the Registry, locate your QA app in the Applications > All applications list, then click Open.


If your Q&A application fails to load or displays a warning icon on the Open button, review the application source's logs to troubleshoot the behavior. If the app is shared with other users, the error may be stored in their logs.

When the Q&A application loads, provide a prompt to initiate a chat. アプリが実行され、プロンプトに回答が返されるまでしばらく待ちます。

The app will respond with an answer. You can provide feedback for an application by selecting thumbs up or down for a prompt's response. Additionally, click Citations to view a dialog box that details the source(s) from which the application finds its answer to the prompt.

Manage the chat generation Q&A application

You can manage multiple Streamlit settings for the chat generation Q&A application. To access the settings, after opening the application, click the Actions menu in the top right corner.

設定 説明
再実行 Manually trigger a rerun of the app. This rerun will not reset your session.
設定 From the Settings option, you can control the appearance of your app while it is running. If viewing the app locally, you can set how the app responds to changes in your source code. You can also force your app to appear in wide mode.
テーマ Choose between a light, dark, or custom theme for the application.
Print Print the current dialogue on the screen generated by the application.
Record a screencast Take a screen recording directly from the app. Screen recording is supported in the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Ensure your browser is up-to-date for compatibility.
製品情報 Browse details on the version of Streamlit used to run the app and copyright information.

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