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Accuracy Over Time

For time-aware experiments, Accuracy Over Time helps to visualize how predictions change over time. By default, the view shows predicted and actual vs. time values for the training and validation data of the most recent (first) backtest. This is the backtest model DataRobot uses to deploy and make predictions. (In other words, the model used to generate the error metric for the validation set.) For time series experiments, you can control the series (if applicable) and forecast distance used in the display. Note that series-based experiments are sometimes compute-on-demand, depending on projected space and memory requirements.

The visualization also has a time-aware Residuals tab that plots the difference between actual and predicted values. It helps to visualize whether there is an unexplained trend in your data that the model did not account for and how the model errors change over time. For time series experiments, you can additionally set the forecast distance used in the display.

Updated April 16, 2024